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2020 | #03 | Icon dump

marnie bw.png go-5-2.png capicontest-2.png

31 icons:
The Hour (12), Good Omens (11), Timeless (4), Elementary (2), Doctor Who (1), WandaVision (1), Spooks (1)

Hey guys! I hope you're all safe and okay. <3 Here's an icon dump, with icons made for challenges (yay!), stuff I made for challenges before chickening out, and a few random ones.
About the Christmas (lol) requests: I made most of them, I just...hate them. So please give me a little more time so I can remake them and hopefully give you guys better icons. <3

The Hour for the7days:
journalism.png marnie bw.png randall.png lixbw.png hector and marnie.png1-5
ships bw.png hair porn.png6-7

Good Omens for movieslims:
go-1-wip.png go-4.png go-5-2.png 6-gif.gif go-7-4.png8-12
ch8-3.png final-1-2.png final-2.png13-14

Doctor Who, WandaVision for capicontest:
capicontest-1-2.png capicontest-2.png15-16

Alts, rejects, extra (The Hour, Good Omens, Elementary, Timeless, Spooks):
war2.png go-5-4.png go-5-3.png 22-26

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Tags: tv: doctor who, tv: elementary, tv: good omens, tv: spooks, tv: the hour, tv: timeless, tv: wandavision, type: icons
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