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2019 | #04 | bestof_icons results and small February icon dump!

difficultcap2.png batb5.png emma.png
[Fandoms]15 icons:
for movieslims: Lilo and Stitch [1], The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo [1], Kingsman [3], Beauty and the Beast (2017) [1], The Greatest Showman [1]
for capicontest: Once Upon a Time [1]
for the7days: The OA [1], Charmed [1], Doctor Who [1], Vikings [1], Game of Thrones [1], The Punisher [1], Jessica Jones [1], The Handmaid's Tale [1]

lilo3.png dragontattoo.png colour4.png bw.png merlin2.png 1-5
batb5.png showman2.png emma.png difficultcap2.png charmed.png 6-10
who.png vikings.png sansa.png punisher.png jj.png 11-15
handmaid's tale.png 16
And my best icon of 2018 accoring to bestof_icons is...

I'm not surprised and I'm rather happy with the result, it was one of my most experimental and fun icons of the year, and one that fits my style the most, even if it's b&w, haha.


Personal picks:
sitting down-3.png sitting down.png

3-5 of the personal picks are December icons I forgot to post in time for nominations - I wish I'd remembered because they might have been nominated, but oh well. I'm far from unhappy with the results, people picked fun, colourful icons and that's my thing :) I made very few icons in '18 so I was surprised to see so many different ones in the nominations - thanks to everyone who nominated and voted! <3
Tags: #39;s jessica jones, extra: bestof_icons results, film: beauty and the beast (2017), film: kingsman, film: lilo and stitch, film: the girl with the dragon tattoo, film: the greatest showman, tv: charmed, tv: doctor who, tv: game of thrones, tv: marvel&, tv: once upon a time, tv: the handmaid's tale, tv: the oa, tv: the punisher, tv: vikings, type: icons
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