2020 | #07 | Multifandom for somein30

20 icons for somein30 round 4 + 7 icon remakes

si30-11.png si30-2.png si30-13.png
Fandoms: Doctor Who (7), Once Upon a Time (2), Game of Thrones (2), Spooks, Sherlock, Misfits, Downton Abbey, Ashes to Ashes, Being Human, Luther, The Hour, Orphan Black, The Mindy Project, Community, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Penny Dreadful, Timeless, The Witcher, Knives Out (1 each)

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2020 | #06 | Icon dump

90 multifandom icons from various 2020 battles and challenges:
complex.png n&s.png complex.png
elegance.png ripper street.png super close up.png

Fandoms: The Witcher (20), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (13), Timeless (10), Penny Dreadful (7)Knives Out (6), Ripper Street (4), Game of Thrones (4), His Dark Materials (4), Preacher (3), Dracula (2), Harry Potter (2), Being Human (2), LOST (2), The Hour (2), Gavalant, The Greatest Showman, North and South, Frozen, Doctor Who, The Mindy Project, Santa Clarita Diet, Spooks, Schitt's Creek (1)

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2019 | #07 | Holiday requests!

Hi guys! <3 I hope you're all doing great!
I just realised this comm has gained a handful of new watchers this year, which I didn't expect at all given my lack of activity, so thank you!!!

So, in order to celebrate 200+ watchers and in the spirit of year-end celebrations, I thought I'd make a Holiday requests post!
I haven't been super inspired lately so I barely made icons at all, but I'd love to make you interest icons!
If you're interested, let me know in the comments :) You can request films, tv series, celebrities etc (if you have caps, even better!) and I'll make you 1-3 icons, to be revealed around Christmas week!